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Experimental 3D Room

In my daily search for new ways of improving my designs and add a little bit of life to my websites, i came across with this article from codrops.

I found the idea innovative and if you try to create a website for art galleries, this might be the “answer to your prayers”, if you really want to make a good impression. Unfortunately the good news stops here, because i`ve tested my self and there are a lot of issues to solve. As we know nothing is impossible so with a little bit of magic, JS and CSS knowledge you might get this through.  You can even extend this idea and use it for your own portfolios but like i said before needs a lot of work, especially when we talk about browsers support and responsiveness.

To make this article interesting, i challenge you (yeah don’t look at me like that.... with YOU i'm talking) to create based on this demo a working version (all browser compatible, fully responsive). Get this done and i`m thinking to give away a £30 Amazon Voucher. I know is not much but this is for the purpose of the competition. Leave a link in the comment box of this article with the preview of your work.

Visit Codrops For More InfoDownload Source

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